Services Offered

  • Door Repairs
  • Take care of Honey-Do Lists
  • Furniture assembly
  • Wall repairs
  • Caulking, tubs & showers




Installing a floor like a pro

Ever seen a beautiful floor that a friend spent a weekend or even many weekends installing and noticed a flaw around doorways.

I have been in many homes and seen this same issue over and over again. Not only does it look unfinished but it’s time consuming to repair after the fact.

There are many different powered tools and hand saws made specifically for cutting the jambs and casing on door frames in place.


The Benefits of Bamboo Wood Flooring Materials.

Wood Flooring is often a desire of many homeowners and one of the highlights of a home, once installed. It can add great value and endure much more wear and tear than traditional carpet. However, the new concerns over deforestation and the inflation of the price of traditional wood flooring have lead many to seek out alternative sources.